Tisha Green Dressage
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Tisha Green is a dedicated dressage rider focused on the gymnastics of the horse and the rider. She is a Silver Medalist and is deep into the study of the finer points of FEI riding. Tisha’s goal is to share her knowledge and facilitate a successful partnership between horse and rider. She enjoys teaching students of all levels and abilities in the art of classical dressage. She takes the time to individually evaluate each horse and rider’s specific goal and has a wonderful eye for correctness. Tisha is available for lessons and clinics.

Contact Tisha at 435.655.5503 or tgreen@tishagreendressage.com


“Riding school figures and movements accurately in dressage tests help you to earn points. This is not because they look nicer or conform to a certain pattern, rather, riding them successfully give the judges information about the way the horse is ridden about the control the rider has over him. Furthermore, only through accuracy can you achieve the desire gymnastic effect of an exercise. Circles that have edges or are egg- shaped show, for example, the horse is not completely on the outside rein, lateral bend is missing, and he is pressing against the rider’s inside leg. And, these misshaped circles render the purposes of riding a circle-improving lateral mobility in the muscles and increased weight bearing from the inside leg-useless. Only when the rider remains exactly on the line of a school figure, at every step, stride or jump, can you give the aids that will lead to systematic work with he horse- instead of merely rattling off movements."

Heiner Schiergen From “Dressage School” A Sourcebook of Movements and Tips