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Contact Tisha at 435.655.5503 or email her at tgreen@tishagreendressage.com


About Tisha Green

I come from a family of riders. My Grandfather was in the U.S. Calvary and was devoted to horses. My German Uncle rode in the Quadrille at the site where the L.A Equestrian center is located now. My Mother was a rider and started my riding lessons before first grade. I rode at Onondarka on Los Felix Blvd in L.A. We rode all through Griffin Park and the hills behind Malibu as children. As a teenager, I was dedicated to Open Jumping and showed in the Los Angles area. Life and school intervened, but trail riding and endurance style riding in Hawaii followed.

Then, dressage engulfed me in the early 80’s. I found the avenue for what I needed with horses. The intricacies of the discipline, the gymnastics to supple and enhance the horse’s movement and gaits and the necessary correct equitation a rider must have is intoxicating to me. The partnership with my horses and the responsibility of that partnership is life changing. It takes understanding to keep horses as friends through their education. Even more important is to keep them sound of body and mind as we move up through the levels. These ideas are essential in my experience with horses. Horses are so noble and giving. I must give back.

In 2007 I had the fortune of an introduction with Shannon Peters. I now ride with her at the facility that she and her husband own and conduct. She opened a new world for me in the ongoing pursuit of thoughtful, great training and meticulous equitation and how they go together. Lights went on. I am also under the tutelage of Lientje Schuler with one of my horses and David Blake with my stallion, Ser. These two are gifted riders and valued teachers at Arroyo Del Mar where I continue to train with the best and pursue my education as a rider. Shannon and Steffen Peters operate the most brilliant haven for the study of great dressage training and good horsemanship. I am so honored and grateful to be welcomed there for the training of my horses and me and to go forward with my discipline in the very best way.